Collaborate with us

"We must stand for social interaction. We must improve existing conditions. We must stand for something; be a force for good with a purpose." - Milton Glaser

Take part in the conversation.

Why do you design? Share your artwork as part of the collaboration of YDesign. Below you'll find templates for you to draw, paint, color, illustrate, Photoshop, or add photos, fabrics or textile elements. The options are endless.

Download and customize your tile.

Download of the templates to get started. Use any form of artistic expression-photography, graphic design, illustration, or creative writing-to design a tile that's uniquely yours. Add your voice to the dialogue and show us what you've got.


  1. Design your artwork on the ARTWORK layer using the TEMPLATE layer as a guideline
  2. When finished, delete the TEMPLATE layer and export the artboard your artwork is on according to the file requirements below.
  3. Save your artwork with the naming convention A_LastName_FirstName.jpg or .png (the letter before your name is the template you created).
  4. Complete Form Below.
  5. Upload File.

File Requirements

  1. RGB color mode
  2. 2250px x 2250px
  3. Acceptable file formats: JPG or PNG

*Please make sure the line elements of the template are visible in your artwork through outlines, color breaks, contrast, etc.

submit your masterpiece

Ready to share? Submit your artwork by filling out the form below with your information, and then upload your final piece! Be sure to save your artwork with the naming convention A_LastName_FirstName.jpg or .png
  • Accepted file types: jpg, png, tiff, pdf, gif, tif, jpeg.

*Disclaimer: By submitting your artwork, you are granting permission to use your artwork on AIGA Y22 print and digital materials. All artwork will be vetted and not all content will be published.